Group: 6 Conveyance of men, goods and messages
Number of persons in each SubGroup
IdSubGroup 18411851186118711881189119011911
603Canals, Rivers and Seas10311205
605Messages, Porterage, etc.00001302
Group: 6 Conveyance of men, goods and messages
965William Appleby( b. 1876)1891Errand Boy
9005Tom Arlett( b. 1889)1911Waterman
4991Oliver Beck( b. 1867)1881Telegraph Boy
8993Eward Carter( b. 1885)1911Railway Carman
946Jabez William Cousins( b. 1859)1891Engine Driver
1396William Cox( b. 1794)1851Drayman
1001Arthur A Cresswell( b. 1876)1901Carman (Coal)
1002Frederick Cresswell( b. 1853)1901Carman (Coal)
9006William Alfred Davis( b. 1864)1911Cab Driver
870Thomas Green( b. 1820)1861Boatman's Labourer
8994Charles Harwood( b. 1874)1911Carter
961Mark Hawks( b. 1861)1891Waterman
9001Charles Heath( b. 1897)1911Telegraph Messenger
905John Hiatt( b. 1820)1871Bargeman's Labourer
868John Hyatt( b. 1821)1861Bargeman
989John C Jemmett( b. 1877)1901Carman (Coal)
9012Herbert Kebbell( b. 1866)1911Waterman (Licensed)
993Charles J Langford( b. 1885)1901Porter (Railway Parcels)
993George Langford( b. 1856)1901Railway Porter
4986Richard Lovegrove( b. 1837)1881Railway Parcels Deliverer
9009Henry Lovegrove( b. 1893)1911Porter (Brewer's)
8996William Lovegrove( b. 1882)1911Carman
835James Mead( b. 1806)1841Carrier
9004Alfred Parrot( b. 1869)1911Boat Proprietor
9004Alfred Parrot( b. 1892)1911Waterman
842William Shaw( b. 1826)1861Boatman's Labourer
1003Arthur C Stoker( b. 1865)1901Carman (General)
926George Vaughan( b. 1858)1881Waterman
966William Vaughan( b. 1852)1891Waterman
819James Wheeler( b. 1816)1841Bargeman
955Alfred Willis( b. 1876)1891Errand Boy
955Arthur Willis( b. 1877)1891Errand Boy
1379James Wix( b. 1808)1851Carrier
9012Harry Woodley( b. 1866)1911Waterman