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This page describes technical details about this site.

Use has been made made of free Open Source software including Linux (Debian), Apache, PHP, MySQL, Webmin, WinSCP. PuTTY and Notepad++. Thanks are offered to the many individuals who have contributed to these software packages. Following this Open Source tradition all scripts written for this website will be made available on request.

The website has been created by Dr J G T Jones who is responsible for all technical issues and has freely given his time to this project.

In designing this website attempts were made to follow the HTML5 and CSS3 standards as set out in draft at the time. Consequently it may be that the website does not adhere to more recent versions of these standards. We complain about the speed of change in this modern world, but the quotation "the only constant in life is change" can be attributed to Heraclitus of Ephesus(c.535 BC - 475 BC

Use has been made of many features included in HTML5 and CSS3, also associated features such as javascript and Scalable Vector Graphics. No attempt as been made to retain backward compatibility with early browser versions as to do so would have have been impossible and attempting to do so would have delayed the project. Some browsers will fail to render some pages as intended, but it is hoped that the information will still be understandable.

Please email any comments or queries about technical issues.

This website is hosted by Memset. Memset charges normal commercial rates for the facilities provided.

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