Class: 5 Industrial
Number of persons in each Group
IdGroup 18411851186118711881189119011911
9Books, Prints and Maps0010000
10Dealers in Machines and Implements01000101
11Workers and Dealers in Houses, Furniture and Decorations24555535
12Workers and Dealers in Carriages and Harnesses3211110
13Workers and Dealers in Ships and Boats0111111
15Workers and Dealers in Tobacco and Pipes0000010
16Workers and Dealers in Food and Lodging33665776
17Workers and Dealers in Textile Fabrics10000297
18Workers and Dealers in Dress412754402
19Workers and Dealers in Various Animal Substances6520000
20Workers and Dealers in Various Vegetable Substances00131201
21Workers and Dealers in Various Mineral Substances00334511
22Workers and Dealers in General or Unspecified Commodities4230871083
23Workers and Dealers in Refuse Matters10533431
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