Group: 22 Workers and Dealers in General or Unspecified Commodities
Number of persons in each SubGroup
IdSubGroup 18411851186118711881189119011911
2201Makers and Dealers (General or Undefined)10004002
2202Mechanics and Labourers (General or Undefined)3230831081
Group: 22 Workers and Dealers in General or Unspecified Commodities
897Thomas Aldridge( b. 1842)1871General Labourer
1383George Ayres( b. 1834)1851Labourer
4984Fanny Bint( b. 1859)1881Shopkeeper's Assistant
956Richard Carter( b. 1868)1891General Labourer
881Joshua Cooper( b. 1835)1871General Labourer
908William Cooper( b. 1821)1871General Labourer
954Richard Cooper( b. 1864)1891General Labourer
831Robert Dell( b. 1811)1841Labourer
1380Robert Dell( b. 1808)1851Labourer
5001Henry Deluce( b. 1811)1881General Labourer
8985Mabel R Downs( b. 1889)1911Shop Assistant
924Ann C Easterling( b. 1840)1881Ginger Beer Manufacturer
962James Eggleton( b. 1830)1891General Labourer
1389James Eustace( b. 1794)1851Labourer
1389Thomas Eustace( b. 1806)1851Labourer
962Robert Evans( b. 1864)1891General Labourer
833Thomas Giles( b. 1809)1841Shopkeeper (General)
4984Thomas Giles( b. 1807)1881Shopkeeper (General)
1408Charles Goodey( b. 1803)1851Labourer
1408Charles Goodey( b. 1835)1851Labourer
1408John Goodey( b. 1833)1851Labourer
918Charles Goodey( b. 1797)1881Labourer (Formerly)
1410George Green( b. 1820)1851Labourer
1410John Green( b. 1792)1851Labourer
1410Thomas Green( b. 1823)1851Labourer
1384Thomas Hawkins( b. 1785)1851Labourer
1381Benjamin Heath( b. 1780)1851Labourer
1399Francis House( b. 1809)1851Labourer
1397William Irving( b. 1824)1851Labourer
4997Joel James( b. 1837)1881Hawker
953George Larner( b. 1866)1891General Labourer
953Henry Larner( b. 1820)1891General Labourer
980Thomas Lawrence( b. 1850)1901General Labourer
956William Lovegrove( b. 1860)1891General Labourer
988Ernest Lovegrove( b. 1885)1901General Labourer
988James A Lovegrove( b. 1887)1901General Labourer
988William Lovegrove( b. 1860)1901General Labourer
988William H Lovegrove( b. 1882)1901General Labourer
907Thomas Neal( b. 1849)1871General Labourer
951Arthur Plank( b. 1876)1891General Labourer
1385James Plyer( b. 1777)1851Labourer (Retired)
962Henry George Sargeant( b. 1863)1891General Labourer
982Henry G Sargeant( b. 1862)1901Stoker
8990Henry Sargeant( b. 1862)1911Stoker
8990Winifred Sargeant( b. 1894)1911Shop Assistant
1380William Sharp( b. 1797)1851Labourer
1405James Shaw( b. 1834)1851Labourer
1405William Shaw( b. 1824)1851Labourer
889William Shaw( b. 1823)1871General Labourer
1004Robert J Smith( b. 1853)1901Labourer
827Daniel Stevens( b. 1794)1841Porter
1384Daniel Stevens( b. 1785)1851Porter
885John Street( b. 1808)1871General Labourer
1407Edward Velure( b. 1827)1851Labourer
1407Henry Velure( b. 1805)1851Labourer
1407James Charles Velure( b. 1838)1851Labourer
962William Wakefield( b. 1850)1891General Labourer
992James West( b. 1837)1901General Labourer
906William Willis( b. 1839)1871General Labourer
5001Charles Willis( b. 1842)1881General Labourer
800Nichs Wilson( b. 1806)1841Labourer
1396Henry Wise( b. 1821)1851Labourer
886Charles Woodley( b. 1852)1871General Labourer