Group: 23 Workers and Dealers in Refuse Matters
Number of persons in each SubGroup
IdSubGroup 18411851186118711881189119011911
2301Refuse Matters10533431
Group: 23 Workers and Dealers in Refuse Matters
985George Andrews( b. 1857)1901Chimney Sweep (Journeyman)
893Henry Battron( b. )1871Chimney Sweep
947Jesse Carpenter( b. 1853)1891Chimney Sweep
851Reuben Cooper( b. 1846)1861Chimney Sweep's Assistant
893Reuben Cooper( b. 1846)1871Chimney Sweep
917John Cooper( b. 1848)1881Chimney Sweep
916Reuben Cooper( b. 1846)1881Chimney Sweep
948Reuben Cooper( b. 1846)1891Chimney Sweep
948George Cox( b. 1845)1891Chimney Sweep
985John Cresswell( b. 1872)1901Chimney Sweep & Blacksmith
8992John Cresswell( b. 1872)1911Chimney Sweep
984George Denton( b. 1844)1901Chimney Sweep
851Thomas Fassett( b. 1849)1861Chimney Sweep's Assistant
918John Goodey( b. 1839)1881Chimney Sweep
892John Goody( b. 1833)1871Chimney Sweep
948William Lawe( b. 1850)1891Chimney Sweep
851Joseph Lawrence( b. 1848)1861Chimney Sweep's Assistant
851Henry Rakett( b. 1852)1861Chimney Sweep's Assistant
851William Spicer( b. 1808)1861Chimney Sweep
801Sarah Willis( b. 1781)1841Rag Cutter