Category: 416 Family relative, or Visitor etc. with no stated occupation
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 18411851186118711881189119011911
416Family relative, or Visitor etc. with no stated occupation303572002
Category: 416 Family relative, or Visitor etc. with no stated occupation
861Rachel Allen( b. 1821)1861Ostler's Wife
860Charles B Bailey( b. 1849)1861Chelsea Pensioner's Godson
860Maria Bailey( b. 1799)1861Chelsea Pensioner's Wife
867Mary Beak( b. 1806)1861Cordwainer's Wife
874Elizabeth Bent( b. 1834)1861Butcher's Wife
874Emily Bent( b. 1853)1861Grocer & Broker's Granddaughter
874Fanny E Bent( b. 1859)1861Grocer & Broker's Granddaughter
880Elizabeth Brown( b. 1804)1871Miller's Widow
866Martha Butler( b. 1848)1861Marine Store Dealer's Niece
864Lydia Carey( b. 1814)1861Bricklayer's Wife
857Mary Cooper( b. 1809)1861Tailor's Wife
881Sarah Cooper( b. 1793)1871Miller's Widow
916Phoeby Cooper( b. 1847)1881Chimney Sweep's Wife
917Sarah Cooper( b. 1851)1881Wife
846Ann M Cordery( b. 1830)1861Gardener's Wife
846Esther G Cordery( b. 1858)1861Daughter
846Walter Cordery( b. 1860)1861Son
863James Davis( b. 1860)1861Bricklayer's Labourer's Son
863Sarah Davis( b. 1821)1861Bricklayer's Labourer's Wife
899Sarah Davis( b. 1821)1871Bricklayer's Widow
8984Kate Davis( b. 1875)1911Wife
910Mary Dell( b. 1806)1871Labourer's Widow
8985Eliza Downs( b. 1848)1911Housewife
873Anne Giles( b. 1859)1861Baker's Daughter
874Mary Ann Giles( b. 1806)1861Grocer & Broker's Wife
873Matilda Giles( b. 1840)1861Baker's wife
870Charles Green( b. 1860)1861Son
810Martha Greenway( b. 1816)1841Widow (Independent)
895Alfred Haslam( b. 1845)1871Ironfounder's Son
853Ellen Hone( b. 1857)1861Cow Man's Grand Daughter
853Sarah Hone( b. 1801)1861Cow Keeper's Wife
859Diana Hopgood( b. 1835)1861Agricultural Labourer's Wife
852Clara Hunter( b. 1846)1861Tanner's Daughter
852Marian Hunter( b. 1811)1861Tanner's Wife
852Marian Hunter( b. 1842)1861Tanner's Daughter
868Louisa Hyatt( b. 1860)1861Daughter
865George Middleton( b. 1860)1861Agricultural Labourer's Son
865Maria Middleton( b. 1819)1861Agricultural Labourer's Wife
847George E Partridge( b. 1861)1861Miller's Labourer's Son
847Lucy Partridge( b. 1822)1861Miller's Labourer's Wife
849Sarah Paulen( b. 1797)1861Dairyman's Wife
805Ann Shaw( b. 1803)1841Corn Dealer's Wife
889Ann Shaw( b. 1798)1871Labourer's Widow
799Eliza Snell( b. 1761)1841Widow
851Jane Spicer( b. 1801)1861Chimney Sweep's Wife
858Lucy Street( b. 1812)1861Agricultural Labourer's Wife
848George Webb( b. 1860)1861Bricklayer's Labourer's Son
848Mary A Webb( b. 1833)1861Bricklayer's Labourer's Wife
886Ann Woodley( b. 1788)1871Fisherman's Widow