SubGroup: 2405 Scholar, Pupil, Student (not of Law or Medicine)
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 18411851186118711881189119011911
418Scholar, Pupil, Student (not of Law or Medicine)04235214016011
SubGroup: 2405 Scholar, Pupil, Student (not of Law or Medicine)
897Caroline Aldridge( b. 1868)1871Scholar
897Emily Aldridge( b. 1866)1871Scholar
861Belena Allen( b. 1853)1861Scholar
861Mary Ann Allen( b. 1849)1861Scholar
867Mary A Beak( b. 1851)1861Scholar
904Minnie Beck( b. 1867)1871Scholar
914Fanny Bins( b. 1860)1871Scholar
8993Edith Brooker( b. 1898)1911Scholar
1411Charles Brown( b. 1841)1851Scholar
1411Emma Brown( b. 1840)1851Scholar
1411Thomas Brown( b. 1844)1851Scholar
1388Edward Carey( b. 1840)1851Scholar
1388Ellen Carey( b. 1846)1851Scholar
1388Thomas Carey( b. 1843)1851Scholar
864Jane Carey( b. 1852)1861Scholar
864Lydia Carey( b. 1850)1861Scholar
4994Ada Jessie Carey( b. 1878)1881Scholar
4994Albert Carey( b. 1871)1881Scholar
4994Ernest Carey( b. 1876)1881Scholar
915John Wilkins Clark( b. 1869)1881Scholar
915Susan Haslam Clark( b. 1873)1881Scholar
915William Thomas Clark( b. 1877)1881Scholar
944Annie Clisby( b. 1888)1891Scholar
1386Ann Collins( b. 1838)1851Scholar
857Esther Cooper( b. 1851)1861Scholar
857Frederick Cooper( b. 1858)1861Scholar
857George Cooper( b. 1854)1861Scholar
857Harriet Cooper( b. 1852)1861Scholar
917Ada Cooper( b. 1876)1881Scholar
916Annie Cooper( b. 1875)1881Scholar
916Arthur Cooper( b. 1873)1881Scholar
917Ben Cooper( b. 1871)1881Scholar
916Ellen Cooper( b. 1870)1881Scholar
917Ellen Cooper( b. 1878)1881Scholar
916Ester Cooper( b. 1868)1881Scholar
916Oliver Cooper( b. 1878)1881Scholar
917William Cooper( b. 1869)1881Scholar
948Rosie Cooper( b. 1880)1891Scholar
846George W Cordery( b. 1853)1861Scholar
8992Harold Reuben Cresswell( b. 1898)1911Scholar
863Britton Davis( b. 1858)1861Scholar
899Brittain Davis( b. 1857)1871Scholar
899James Davis( b. 1859)1871Scholar
4993Fredrick Dearlove( b. 1875)1881Scholar
4993Sarah M Dearlove( b. 1869)1881Scholar
1380Martha Dell( b. 1849)1851Scholar
1380Mary Ann Dell( b. 1842)1851Scholar
1380Sarah Dell( b. 1844)1851Scholar
872Martha Dell( b. 1849)1861Scholar
924Albert E Easterling( b. 1872)1881Scholar
924Alice M Easterling( b. 1874)1881Scholar
4992Flora M Easterling( b. 1871)1881Scholar
4989Arthur Emery( b. 1871)1881Scholar
4989Eliza Emery( b. 1877)1881Scholar
4989Jane Emery( b. 1873)1881Scholar
963Clara Emery( b. 1884)1891Scholar
963Ethel Emery( b. 1883)1891Scholar
963Frederick Emery( b. 1886)1891Scholar
963John Emery( b. 1881)1891Scholar
963Kate Emery( b. 1882)1891Scholar
843Louisa Emmett( b. 1852)1861Scholar
855Maria Ganaway( b. 1859)1861Scholar
1378Charles Giles( b. 1837)1851Scholar
1378Fanny Giles( b. 1840)1851Scholar
1378Thomas Giles( b. 1838)1851Scholar
1408Elizabeth Goodey( b. 1839)1851Scholar
1408Henry Goodey( b. 1841)1851Scholar
943Emily Goodyear( b. 1883)1891Scholar
943Esther Goodyear( b. 1886)1891Scholar
870John Green( b. 1853)1861Scholar
870Mary Green( b. 1848)1861Scholar
9001Edith Heath( b. 1901)1911Scholar
9001Florence Heath( b. 1901)1911Scholar
9001William Heath( b. 1899)1911Scholar
4990Albert Thomas Heckman( b. 1868)1881Scholar
4990Annie Ellen Heckman( b. 1867)1881Scholar
4990Arthur Ernest Heckman( b. 1878)1881Scholar
4990Edwin Frank Heckman( b. 1870)1881Scholar
4990Fred.geor.danl. Heckman( b. 1872)1881Scholar
4990Harry Charles Heckman( b. 1875)1881Scholar
905Anne Hiatt( b. 1861)1871Scholar
905Louisa Hiatt( b. 1858)1871Scholar
9014Alice Nedine Hill( b. 1902)1911Scholar
9014Edith Sybil Hill( b. 1905)1911Scholar
9014Ruby May Hill( b. 1901)1911Scholar
1409Reuben Hoing( b. 1836)1851Scholar
856Clara Holmes( b. 1856)1861Scholar
853Rachel Hone( b. 1848)1861Scholar
859Alfred Hopgood( b. 1857)1861Scholar
859Louisa Hopgood( b. 1857)1861Scholar
925Charles M Horsman( b. 1874)1881Scholar
1399Mary Ann House( b. 1837)1851Scholar
1395Henry Hunt( b. 1843)1851Scholar
1395Isaac Hunt( b. 1839)1851Scholar
868George Hyatt( b. 1850)1861Scholar
868Sarah A Hyatt( b. 1857)1861Scholar
1397Henry Irving( b. 1847)1851Scholar
1400Edmund Jefferis( b. 1840)1851Scholar
1400Frank Jefferis( b. 1845)1851Scholar
1383Mary Lambourn( b. 1848)1851Scholar
1383Mary Ann Lambourn( b. 1840)1851Scholar
9009Frank Lovegrove( b. 1898)1911Scholar
945Edith Daisy Lovejoy( b. 1886)1891Scholar
945Emily Elizabeth Lovejoy( b. 1881)1891Scholar
945Samuel Lovejoy( b. 1883)1891Scholar
865Ann Middleton( b. 1855)1861Scholar
865Keziah Middleton( b. 1849)1861Scholar
865Rose Ann Middleton( b. 1853)1861Scholar
913Anne Mitchell( b. 1865)1871Scholar
1402Fanny Moore( b. 1846)1851Scholar
1402George Moore( b. 1848)1851Scholar
1402Sarah Moore( b. 1844)1851Scholar
1402William Moore( b. 1845)1851Scholar
896George Neal( b. 1859)1871Scholar
4997Buefie Neale( b. 1873)1881Scholar
4997Nelly Neale( b. 1875)1881Scholar
844Eliza Pacey( b. 1854)1861Scholar
844George Pacey( b. 1852)1861Scholar
847Elizabeth Partridge( b. 1852)1861Scholar
847Emily J Partridge( b. 1858)1861Scholar
847Mary Partridge( b. 1856)1861Scholar
847Sarah A Partridge( b. 1854)1861Scholar
847William H Partridge( b. 1850)1861Scholar
888Emily J Partridge( b. 1858)1871Scholar
888George E Partridge( b. 1861)1871Scholar
888Mary Partridge( b. 1856)1871Scholar
1404George Paulin( b. 1841)1851Scholar
8989William Perrin( b. 1898)1911Scholar
8987Dora Minnie Pirouet( b. 1905)1911Scholar
974Lilian Mary Plumbe( b. 1878)1891Scholar
974Percival C Plumbe( b. 1881)1891Scholar
4997Polley Richens( b. 1868)1881Scholar
1380Ann Sharp( b. 1841)1851Scholar
1380Elizabeth Sharp( b. 1838)1851Scholar
1380William Sharp( b. 1844)1851Scholar
1382John Soundy( b. 1843)1851Scholar
887Margaret J Spearing( b. 1861)1871Scholar
1394Frederick J Stevens( b. 1838)1851Scholar
1407Susan Velure( b. 1848)1851Scholar
904Elizabeth Ward( b. 1857)1871Scholar
848Ellen Webb( b. 1855)1861Scholar
848Hedley Webb( b. 1858)1861Scholar
848Mary A Webb( b. 1856)1861Scholar
889Eliza Webb( b. 1862)1871Scholar
901Bessie Wilder( b. 1866)1871Scholar
901Walter Wilder( b. 1862)1871Scholar
901William Wilder( b. 1860)1871Scholar
5001Edward Thos. Willis( b. 1874)1881Scholar
5001Ellen Willis( b. 1877)1881Scholar
5001Fredrick Chas. Willis( b. 1870)1881Scholar
5001Minnie Willis( b. 1872)1881Scholar
955Esther Willis( b. 1883)1891Scholar
955Ethel Willis( b. 1881)1891Scholar
1396George Wise( b. 1849)1851Scholar
1396William Wise( b. 1846)1851Scholar
894Alice E Wise( b. 1861)1871Scholar
894Henry Wise( b. 1865)1871Scholar
4998Annie Mary Wise( b. 1878)1881Scholar
4998Edif Wise( b. 1875)1881Scholar
4998Kate Wise( b. 1877)1881Scholar
1379Ellen Wix( b. 1839)1851Scholar
1379George Wix( b. 1844)1851Scholar
1379Mary Wix( b. 1841)1851Scholar
1393George Young( b. 1844)1851Scholar
1393Rhoda Ruth Young( b. 1846)1851Scholar