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Friday Street(North)


Journal 28 published by the Henley-on-Thames Archaeological and Historical Group in December 2014 contains articles devoted to the North Side of Friday Street, mostly about the buildings, which are almost all Grade II listed. It was intended to include one article presenting information about the people, extracted from the census returns 1841 — 1901, complemented by a web page expanding that article and enabling the reader to interact with the census database to explore the street, identifying the people by households and occupation groups. This is that web page, extended to include the 1911 census data which was transcribed and added to the database in 2015.

It became clear that a printed article could not do justice to the rich data that can be presented over the internet, so the printed journal contains a very brief introduction to this web page, which should be viewed alongside the Journal.

The journal includes a map, based on the 1879 Ordnance Survey map.with superimposed house numbers and a digital version is available at http://www.henleycensus.info/friday_street_map.php, which can be enlarged to provide more detailed plans of individual houses.

Although the guidelines for completing census returns requested the inclusion of house numbers or names, this was not generally done in Henley until 1901. The household occupying any building in 1901 or 1911 can be found at: http://www.henleycensus.info/who_lived_in_your_house.php Attempts have been made to associate households with buildings for all preceding years with reasonable confidence in some cases and this is presented as a table or spreadsheet at: http://www.henleycensus.info/xl/fsn.htm. Although the 1911 census returns have not yet been added to the database, the names of the heads of households have been added as a final column of this table.

The procedure for the collection of census data required the head of each household to complete a "schedule". This schedule included an address, information about the building and its occupation status and listed each member of the household with additional data for each person. The data collected varied from year to year. The data was transcribed from the schedule to an Enumerator's Book and subsequently check marks, counts and notes were added by census clerks.

Selecting census returns for the north side of Friday Street.

At the time of the 1841 census, the boundary between the Henley Town parish of St Mary's and the parish of Rotherfield Grays ran down the middle of Friday Street. The North and South sides of Friday Street were in different enumeration districts for all census years 1841 - 1901 making it relatively simple to define a database query to extract data for the North side only. In 1861 houses in the court between numbers 35 and 45 were recorded as being in Friday Street Court rather than Friday Street and the query was modified to ensure the inclusion of these houses.

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