The Henley Advertiser November 18th, 1876

The Henley Advertiser reported the outcome of a meeting when the naming of streets and numbering of houses was discussed

Local Board, Nov. 14

The report of the Committee on the naming and numbering of the streets was read. It recommended that the name Oxford Road be given to that part hitherto called Northfield End and that Bell Street should terminate at Mr Fuller's on one side and at Bell Lane on the other, being the boundary lines of the Henley and Bensington Manors.

After some discussion it was decided to retain the present names of the streets and localities. Northfield End terminating at Portland Cottage, where the Fair Mile begins.

It was proposed that the names of the streets be affixed as follows.

StreetSign location
Reading Roadthe name to be fixed on Mr Boyles' house
Friday Streeton house lately occupied by Mr Castle
Duke Streetditto
Duke Streeton the Queens Head public house
Grays Laneditto
Duke Streeton Mrs Thackera's house
Duke Streeton the Blue Bell public house
Hart Streeton Mr T Clements' house
Market Placeon Mrs Thackera's house
Market Placeon Messers Young and Monks house
Market Placeon Mrs Linds' house
West Streeton Police Station
Bell Streeton Messers Young and Monks house
Bell Streeton Mr T Clements' house
Bell Streeton Mrs Fuller's house
Northfield Endon Mrs Jeffrie's house
Bell Streeton Mr Lovelock's house
New Streeton Messers Turner & Co house
New Streeton Mr Cooper's house
New Streeton the corner of the wharf
Hart Streeton Mr Wyatt's house
Hart Streeton Mr G Brakspear's house
Friday Streeton the Granary

The report said that the Committee are of the opinion that the numbering of the houses should be optional on the part of the occupiers but subject to the control of the Local Board and under the supervision of the Surveyor, who would prepare a street schedule to be sanctioned by the Board. The numers to commence from the Obelisk and work out in even and odd numbers respectively on each side of the street...

Adjourned to next meeting and Surveyor be requested to produce a schedule.

The Henley Advertiser November 25th, 1876

Report on Surveyor's overall survey of the whole of the pavements to bring them into a thoroughly satisfactory condition.