78, West Hill 64 1911 RG14/8052 ED: Wh Schedule: 1 Page 1
Full name / Note Relationship m/s Sex Age Occupation Birthplace

Frank William Cave Head M M 32 Master Of Workhouse Lee Green, Kent

Nellie Forsyth Cave Wife M F 34 Matron Of Workhouse Edinburgh, Mid-lothian, Scotland

Edmund Norman Knight Officer M M 42 Workhouse Porter Islington, London

Emily Knight Officer M F 42 Workhouse Portress Craswell, Herefordshire

Bessie Helen Knight Officer's daughter F 11 Woolwich, London

George Edwin Gardener Officer M M 28 Workhouse Assistant Edmonton, London

Edith Bourne Gardener Officer M F 27 Workhouse Cook Battersea, London

Annie Woods Officer S F 31 Workhouse Laundress Chatham, Kent

Harry Fox Officer M M 34 Workhouse Stoker Reading, Berkshire

Eleanor Eva Glynn Officer S F 27 Workhouse Nurse Co Kildare, Ireland

Jessie Elizabeth Jackson Officer S F 28 Workhouse Nurse Liverpool, Lancashire

Julia Coughlan Officer S F 23 Workhouse Assistant Nurse Cork, Ireland

Florence Mary Brown Officer S F 25 Workhouse Assistant Nurse Colchester, Essex

Sarah Alloway Inmate S F 75 General Domestic Servant Henley, Oxfordshire

Henry Ayres Inmate W M 81 Bricklayer's Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

Sarah Austin Inmate W F 67 Laundress Russell's Water, Oxfordshire

William Avery Inmate S M 65 Rag & Bone Dealer Henley, Oxfordshire

George Alloway Inmate M M 68 Whitesmith Henley, Oxfordshire

Daniel Burgiss Inmate W M 88 Farm Labourer Assendon, Oxfordshire

Harriett Brown Inmate F 48 Laundress Watlington, Oxfordshire

William Batten Inmate W M 70 Farm Labourer Shirburn, Oxfordshire

Leonard Brooks Inmate S M 67 Farm Labourer Thame, Oxfordshire

Henry William Brooker Inmate W M 78 Farm Labourer Egham, Surrey

John Butler Inmate S M 75 Farm Labourer Fawley, Buckinghamshire

Mary Beckenham Inmate W F 66 Laundress Shinfield, Berkshire

Ephraim Blackall Inmate M M 75 Brickmaker Wargrave, Berkshire

John Croft Inmate S M 57 Stableman Upton Magna, Shropshire

John Cane Inmate S M 74 Gardener Bramley, Hampshire

Emily Chamberlain Inmate S F 69 Nil Cheltenham, Somerset

Fred Clark Inmate M 3 Henley, Oxfordshire

William Cobb Inmate W M 74 Bricklayer Indecipherable, Oxfordshire

Annie Caterer Inmate S F 89 Buckingham Lace Maker Cuxham, Oxfordshire

Mary Ann Caterer Inmate S F 49 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

Leah Cottrell Inmate M F 69 Field Worker Watlington, Oxfordshire

George Cox Inmate S M 43 Barber Henley, Oxfordshire

George Canning Inmate M M 66 Gardener Andover, Hampshire

Elizabeth Douglas Inmate S F 34 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

James Dyer Inmate S M 67 Farm Labourer Watlington, Oxfordshire

George Denton Inmate S M 67 Chimney Sweep Bermondsey, London

Dora Douglas Inmate F 3 Henley, Oxfordshire

Charles Deadman Inmate W M 75 Farm Labourer Sonning, Oxfordshire

Maria Ealey Inmate S F 53 Nil Shinfield, Berkshire

Thomas Emery Inmate S M 53 Bricklayer Henley, Oxfordshire

George Earl Inmate M M 87 Sawyer Swyncombe, Oxfordshire

William Elliott Inmate S M 59 Farm Labourer Watlington, Oxfordshire

James Freeman Inmate S M 46 Butcher Watlington, Oxfordshire

Henry Goff Inmate S M 58 Farm Labourer Carter Ipsden, Oxfordshire

Julia Gilliard Inmate S F 51 House Keeper Hackney, London

Martha Godwin Inmate S F 77 Seamstress Pusey, Wiltshire

George Godley Inmate S M 22 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

Nellie Godley Inmate S F 16 Nil Henley, Oxfordshire
Note: Nellie Fosyth Godley?

Owen Ronald Goddard Inmate S M 21 Nil Henley, Oxfordshire

William Garratt Inmate W M 66 Farm Labourer Maidensgrove, Oxfordshire

William George Inmate W M 83 Farm Labourer Watlington, Oxfordshire

Ellen Grantham Inmate S F 40 Domestic servant Wallingford, Berkshire

Jane Green Inmate W F 69 Laundress Barbican, London
Note: Age?

Henry Thos Herbert??? Inmate W M 74 Bricklayer Dunsden, Oxfordshire

George Humphreys??? Inmate S M 64 Cowman Hambleden, Buckinghamshire

Thomas Haines??? Inmate W M 78 General Labourer Shiplake, Oxfordshire

Sarah Hester Inmate W F 80 Field Worker Cuxham, Oxfordshire

Matilda Harris Inmate M F 51 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

William Hoar Inmate M M 63 General Dealer Watlington, Oxfordshire

Edwin Hill Inmate W M 60 Chair Turner Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire

Emily Hill Inmate W F 28 General Domestic Servant Chieveley, Berkshire

William Hill Inmate M 3 Binfield Heath, Oxfordshire

Leonard Hill Inmate M 2 Binfield Heath, Oxfordshire

Bertie Hill Inmate M 1M Henley, Oxfordshire

Sarah Hooney Inmate S F 39 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

John Henry William Hill Inmate S M 48 Nil Watlington, Oxfordshire

William Johnson Inmate W M 72 Malster Henley, Oxfordshire

William Johnson II Inmate W M 73 Gardener Caversham, Oxfordshire

Harriett James Inmate W F 81 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

Ellen Jokeway Inmate S F 60 Charwoman Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

John Jerome Inmate S M 43 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

Emma Legate Inmate M F 65 Laundress Remenham, Berkshire

Elizabeth Murphy Inmate W F 69 Laundress Newfoundland, Canada, Foreign Parts

Thomas Money Inmate S M 69 General Labourer Britwell, Oxfordshire

George May Inmate S M 65 General Labourer Caversham, Oxfordshire

Annie Mott Inmate W F 85 Seamstress Upton, Berkshire
Note: British

Thomas Mant??? Inmate S M 50 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

Ellen May Inmate S F 41 Field Worker Swyncombe, Oxfordshire

Matilda Milliard Inmate W F 80 Nurse (monthly) Dudley, Staffordshire

Hannah May Inmate W F 67 Domestic General Aldworth, Berkshire

Edgar May Inmate M 13 Henley, Oxfordshire

Annie Monger Inmate S F 21 Domestic General Wokinghan, Berkshire

Reginald Monger Inmate M 1M Henley, Oxfordshire
Note: Under 1M

Nellie Neale Inmate S F 22 Domestic General Henley, Oxfordshire

David Neville Inmate W M 84 Farm Labourer Marlow, Buckinghamshire

John Neighbour Inmate S M 53 Horse Keeper Not Known, London

Fred Nunn Inmate M M 43 Malster Reading, Berkshire

Emma Nunn Inmate M F 31 Laundress Little Shefford, Hungerford, Berkshire

Rose Nunn Inmate F 3 Caversham, Oxfordshire

Gertrude Nunn Inmate F 7M Reading, Berkshire

Mary Newell Inmate S F 24 Housemaid Watlington, Oxfordshire

Charles Owen Inmate S M 61 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

James Payne Inmate M M 77 Sawyer Gallows Tree Common, Oxfordshire
Note: likely b Caversham, Oxf

Eva Pinnock Inmate M F 33 Laundress Caversham, Oxfordshire

George Peppitt Inmate W M 84 Groom Coleshill, Buckinghamshire

Mary Roberts Inmate W F 88 House Keeper Romsey, Hampshire

Annie Rumble Inmate W F 84 Laundress Maidenhead, Berkshire

Dorothy Read Inmate F 10M Caversham, Oxfordshire

Alfred Stevens Inmate S M 63 Iron Moulder Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire

Henry Statham Inmate W M 82 Wood Turner Uxbridge, Middlesex

Thomas Simmonds Inmate W M 70 Gardener Whitchurch, Oxfordshire

Arthur Seymour Inmate W M 69 Farm Labourer Not known, Not known

Charles Stevens Inmate S M 68 Bricklayer Sonning, Oxfordshire

Alice Sharpe Inmate S F 25 Domestic Servant General Caversham, Oxfordshire

Edward Sharpe Inmate M 9 Henley, Oxfordshire

Violet Styles Inmate F 2 Binfield Heath, Oxfordshire

Henry Styles Inmate W M 66 Chair Turner Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire
Note: transferred to Bkm 1896

William Smith Inmate W M 72 General Labourer Sherborne, Oxfordshire

William Shepherd Inmate S M 77 Farm Labourer Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire

Charles Stockwell Inmate S M 78 Coachman Henley, Oxfordshire

Edwin Richard Smith Inmate S M 60 Farm Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

Annie Sergeant Inmate S F 39 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

Charles Street Inmate W M 67 General Labourer Medmenham, Buckinghamshire

Walter Storrey??? Inmate M 14 Not known, Not known

George ??? Inmate S M 74 Farm Labourer Bix, Oxfordshire

Daisy ??? Inmate F 10 Henley, Oxfordshire

Ja??? Tombs Inmate M M 59 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

Rose Tombs Inmate M F 48 Laundress Henley, Oxfordshire

William Tombs Inmate S M 71 General Labourer Watlington, Oxfordshire

Mary Vernon??? Inmate S F 63 Field Worker Watlington, Oxfordshire

John Wood??? Inmate S M 37 Nil Henley, Oxfordshire

Charles Webb Inmate S M 69 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

John Wise Inmate S M 82 Sawyer Henley, Oxfordshire

John Wheeler Inmate W M 72 General Labourer Henley, Oxfordshire

James Ward Inmate S M 78 Farm Labourer Not known, Not known

Richard Walden Inmate S M 65 Coachman Lambourn, Berkshire

Louisa House Inmate S F 34 Not known, Not known

Louisa Haines Inmate W F 57 Laundress Emmer Green, Oxfordshire

Mabel Blackall Inmate F 10M Henley, Oxfordshire

James Haines??? Inmate S M 17 Seaman Caversham, Oxfordshire

Kate Tombs Inmate F 3 Henley, Oxfordshire

Walter Reed Traveller S M 65 General Labourer Woburn, Bedfordshire

Edward Palmer Traveller S M 54 Cutler Sheffield, Yorkshire

William Harvey??? Traveller M 55 General Labourer Birmingham, Warwickshire

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